‘When the well is dry, we know the wealth of water’


I have been doing a lot of reaching inwards of late.  Like so many of you no doubt, I feel time is precious and we are all attuned to fitting as much in as we possibly can.  As someone who spends a huge amount of time giving and hopefully nurturing I find it incredibly hard to work out how this self care thing fits into my own life.  Most of the time this is because I am just so darn excited about what I am doing, what’s up ahead and who I get to work with.  But there comes a point where no matter how much we want to keep going (or feel we have to keep going) there comes a breaking point in the body and the deeper levels of who we are.  I never get tired of thinking about the intelligence of the body and the signals it gives loud and clear.  Let’s face it, even the most spiritually evolved can’t stand the tolls of the common cold.

So where does yoga come in?  So many of us come to yoga to get a ‘yoga body’ (take a look at your body right now reading this – that’s a yoga body!), to relieve suffering, to ease anxiety, to stretch….  How many of us do our yoga practice and then go right back to those habits or samskaras, straight back to social media or emails? Yoga can be one of those things that we turn to in the darkest of times to pick us up and to keep us going on the everyday treadmill.  But, this is merely the tip of the iceberg.  If we all dedicated a little more time to Yoga (not just going through the poses but how we live our lives) we might not hit the point of burn out with such frequency. It was Benjamin Franklin who said ‘When the well is dry, we know the wealth of water’.  And yes, it is not necessarily a bad thing to know darkness and most of us are pretty good at knowing darkness, it is the knowledge that we can illuminate this at any time that often terrifies us enough to sit with this suffering.  That is where the strength and courage comes into play.  That is where the practice we call yoga provides us with a place to grow from.

So this is what you will find in classes and workshops more and more.  Specifically, in my Muscle, Bone, Heart & Soul workshop.  Live music from Hang player Rob Joslin (if you are not familiar with the ‘hang’ then take a listen here), mantra and a bold practice that will help you to open up to the true nature of who we are.  Come and explore.  All Saints Church, Hove Friday 23rd June 7-9pm.