Be warned… Starting yoga might just change your life!


Beginning a Yoga Practice

“Saying you are not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a shower.” This quote is buzzing around social media right now. I find it pretty hard not to get frustrated when people say that they will never be flexible enough to do yoga. Firstly one of the reasons I came to a vinyasa practice was to build strength to compliment my natural flexibility. Secondly it’s usually the mind that is not flexible enough to “do” yoga. Regardless of your age, body type, weight, gender etc. yoga will meet you where you are. I get the same feeling from my Savasana (corpse/relaxation pose) if I have done a big strong sweaty practice or a gentle practice short on time. Making that connection between body, breath and being present is the game changer.

Everyone else is doing it better than me…

Despite the Instagram and Facebook photo craze, yoga is not about capturing a contortion on a deserted beach at sunset. Strength and flexibility are really important but that’s really just the tip of the yoga iceberg. It’s about getting on your mat, showing up to your practice and being present. It’s not always pretty or easy, sometimes it’s a struggle and an effort. Be okay with your practice not being or feeling perfect. I spoke to a beginner only yesterday who has been practicing for just over three weeks and has made really great progress but the ‘am I doing it right?’ voice was shouting pretty loud throughout her practice. Often it seems like everyone else is sailing through their practice with grace and a deep spiritual connection. Don’t be fooled! We all travel to the mat with our s”*t and do the best that we can with the time that we have on the day that we are practicing.

The hardest thing for me was actually getting to the class. I procrastinated for months before actually getting myself to the studio door. That was back in 2004 and I have never looked back, except to wonder why it took me so long to actually get there. I have also recently noticed the real sense of community that is happening at The Float Spa studio. It’s so lovely to see so many of you connecting with other Yogis and joining together to share your practice in this wonderful space.

Staying connected to the beauty of a beginners practice

A beginners practice is a beautiful thing. It’s so full of attention and exploration. Unfortunately this can often become stagnant over time and and we lose that inquisitive edge. I always try to keep people on their toes in my classes by throwing something new into the mix to make sure they are listening in their practice rather than going on to autopilot. Practice attention and being present. Easier said than done, but just showing up is a big step forward.