Mentoring & workshops for teachers

23rd June 2.30-5pm - What is yoga?

10th November 2.30-6.30 - What is 'holding space'?

The Float Spa, Hove

Sarah is a very inspirational teacher and her knowledge and experience was evidently very in depth. Through the Thrive workshop she held a safe and warm space, with the opportunity to learn and meet with other newer teachers to discuss thoughts and experiences and explore who I can be as a teacher myself. This workshop has helped with my confidence to believe I can start teaching. Thank you!
— Jess

  THRIVE is a platform for newer teachers and those in training to join together and;
* share teaching methodology
* nurture your practice
* refine hands on assists and verbal cues
* clarify your intention as a teacher and embrace your individuality
If you’re looking to re-connect and find your power and voice after teacher training or gain further support during your training then come thrive. 

Sarah has dedicated a considerable amount of time studying with and assisting her primary teacher Jason Crandell on his advanced teacher training and teacher renewal programmes and is now offering these sessions to inform and support those beginning their journey as a yoga teacher.  Attending these workshops will also give you the opportunity to assist Sarah in her classes and workshops.

1-2-1 THRIVE mentoring sessions

Contact Sarah directly if you are looking to;

  • Optimise optimise your sequencing/curriculum development
  • Develop your understanding of anatomy within your teaching
  • Explore your niche/role as a teacher
  • Develop your voice as a teacher

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”  

Oscar Wilde