Tools to develop your own practice, your experience as a student and your evolution as a  teacher are at the heart of these sessions. Group and individual explorations will help you find your unique and effective role as a yoga teacher and how you can positively impact student learning.  There will be homework and reading to accompany the sessions.




11th May 1.15-5.30@ Space

22nd June 1.15-5.30 @ Space


5th oct 2-6.15 @East Side yoga
6th oct12.45-5
@East Side yoga


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Who am I as a teacher?  Do I fit a style? What is my niche? What is teaching authentically? If these are questions you ask yourself then this session will guide you into a reflective process looking at language, your yoga practice and creativity to establish growth and longevity as a teacher and student.  This session will set foundations for the second workshop by addressing what we as the teacher present to students.

We will explore;
Communication - how we can use language , silence and space with integrity

Courage - how to teach what resonates with you and what tools you can use to be present and open while prioritising self care.

Questioning - How our stories (personally and in your practice) can empower us to be a compassionate and relatable teachers with distinct offerings.



How can you be useful?  How can you be helpful? What do your students need? We experience a diverse range of students in class so how do we navigate our intentions, follow moral and ethical codes while still communicating our passion and knowledge of yoga?  This session will develop ideas from the first session as we look at teaching mixed level classes, improvisation and individualised teaching.

We will explore;
Integrity -  contemplative practices to align our role as teachers sharing in helpful and meaningful ways

Insight - observation techniques to appropriately use and develop verbal and manual assists

Impact - consistency and sequencing methods to ensure that students make progress

Attending both sessions is eligible for CPD points with Yoga Alliance

Sarah is a very inspirational teacher and her knowledge and experience was evidently very in depth. Through the Thrive workshop she held a safe and warm space, with the opportunity to learn and meet with other newer teachers to discuss thoughts and experiences and explore who I can be as a teacher myself. This workshop has helped with my confidence to believe I can start teaching. Thank you!
— Jess

  What is THRIVE?

THRIVE is a platform for newer teachers and those in training to join together and;
* share teaching methodology
* nurture your practice
* refine hands on assists and verbal cues
* clarify your intention as a teacher and embrace your individuality
If you’re looking to re-connect and find your power and voice after teacher training or gain further support during your training then come thrive. 

Sarah has dedicated a considerable amount of time studying with and assisting her primary teacher Jason Crandell on his advanced teacher training and teacher renewal programmes and is now offering these sessions to inform and support those beginning their journey as a yoga teacher.  Attending these workshops will also give you the opportunity to assist Sarah in her classes and workshops.