About Sarah


"Sarah's teaching is grounded, easy to follow instruction, clear demonstration and positive encouragement. Her energy and genuine commitment to developing the practice of yoga is inspiring. Classes are exactly the right balance of not only mind and body but soul as well.
Thank you for the inspiration."

- Emma

Sarah's Teaching ...

Sarah’s classes offers strong, precise, inquiry-based teaching which are anatomically focused and energised by a community setting.

Sarah has supported thousands of students in Brighton and London with their practice and is known by her students for her commitment to educating people in accessible ways in her classes, workshops and retreats. Sarah’s teaching uses long-term development through focused anatomical, philosophical and postural themes to empower students via repetition and development. Sarah’s corporate and organisational clients include opera houses, conservatories, and ethical travel companies. She frequently works with GPs and physiotherapists as part of rehabilitation teams. Sarah organises and leads events for charities such as The Brighton Yoga Foundation and is a proud ambassador for Yoga Gives Back.

Sarah began her career after studying at Sussex University teaching music and training teachers in education.  Her passion for teaching yoga began when she studied with OM Yoga in New York. She has since worked and trained with many established and influential teachers. Sarah is one of Jason Crandell’s senior students and she regularly assists him on his advanced trainings and teacher renewal programmes.

Sarah is an advocate for rest and is committed to sharing Restorative yoga. She believes it is the perfect antidote to modern life and a perfect compliment to movement practices. She is a Level 1&2 Relax and Renew Restorative teacher as well as having trained in Yoga Nidra with Rod Stryker as well as iRest.

“My classes, workshops and retreats are for those of you who want to dive out of the daily grind and start to explore and experience fully. Move with compassion - come feel the resonance of this practice in your body, your breath and your mind.”


"As a newbie to yoga I approached Sarah with some apprehension, however, Sarah's gentle and calm manner quickly put me at ease and my initial anxiety was replaced with enthusiasm and curiosity. Sarah's sessions are fun, helpful and informative."

- Liam